One of the greatest benefits to a staff member or line manager is the eye-opening discovery that anyone can shift their thoughts and feelings and change behavior. This feature of the brain, known as Neuro-plasticity, demonstrates an ability to change and adapt as a result of experience.

This discovery by neuroscientists is a “game-changer” in the realm of personal and team management and is an excellent addition to your approach arsenal. This morning course will introduce you to this new management tool and demonstrate how best to integrate necessary and productive changes which will be more potent (emotionally relevant) and more likely to be retained by management and staff.

If you work within or manage teams – this afternoon Neuroscience training course is ideal for you. Learn how to best engage your staff at a level that is perfectly matched to the way they think. You will be managing your team (and client roster) better than ever!

Delegates on This Afternoon Course Will Learn:

  • Adding “Coaching” to your Management Skillset
  • Neuroscience defined and how it enhances and strengthens approaches to management.
  • Learn fundamental brain structures and functions for improved mental approaches to change, pressure, prioritising, innovation and emotions
  • What managing from a neuroscience perspective looks like.
  • The basic structure and understanding of the brain
  • Coaching skills – using Intentional Change Theory (ICT) Model (Coaching with Compassion as opposed to Coaching with Compliance)
  • The Role of Positive and Negative Attractors
  • Physiology and Neuroscience of Coaching
  • Neuroscience Coaching in Action (practical exercises)

The course will be an introduction to coaching with the underpinning of neuroscience and will be delivered in a fun, informative, easy to understand and highly engaging manner replete with discussions and exercises.

Who is this course for:

This session is designed for professionals, managers, leaders and those aspiring to be in positions of influence and will directly follow “Managing Better: Using Emotional Intelligence” which runs in the morning as part of a back-to-back Management Training offering.

This neuroscience training course is gaining  a lot of traction in the business world as the CIPD, (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development) have introduced a similar course for £545 per delegate! Save hundreds of ££ by booking on this Chamber of Commerce half-day course today!

Does this course time/date/location not work for your team? We’re flexible, allow us to bring this training directly to your facility via an in-house or bespoke course. Contact our training team to set up a session at a date, time, or location that is most convenient to you.

Price :
Members: £69; Affiliate: £89; Non-Members: £99
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