Gaining better self-awareness will allow you to be better at your own self-management, leading you to be more socially aware. Ultimately this will then result in you being able to build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with your people. Your new skills used to assess both your own and others’ emotions more effectively can only be of great benefit to everyone feeling better and will also have a huge impact on your personal and business performance.

If you work with others or manage a team this morning course is ideal for you. Come and enjoy learning what makes others tick and how to better deal with the others. Just imagine for a moment, how good it will feel when you know how to manage both yourself and others more effectively.

The Learning Objective:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to build more self-awareness and effectively manage your own state through presence and curiosity
  • Understand how knowledge of the primitive brain can either help or hinder it
  • Learn what your stressors are and how they hold you back
  • Look at the EGO States and how you can use these effectively to gain more social competence
  • Gain an insight into the most effective way to build longer-lasting relationships with others
  • Set yourself a “Well-formed outcome” so you can continue to work on your EI when you leave the session.

The course material is based on sound scientific research which has been proven to work in world-class organisations. It is fun, engaging, informative and easy to understand the basic principles.

“Because of the furious pace of change in business today, difficult to manage relationships sabotage more business than anything else – it is not a question of strategy that gets managers and leaders into trouble, it is a question of emotions.” – John Kotter, Harvard Business School.

Who Benefits From This Course:

The morning emotional intelligence training course is designed for professionals, managers, leaders and those aspiring to be in positions of influence.

Price :
Members: £79; Affiliate: £118; Non-Members: £158
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