Train the trainer course is as simple as picking and learning the subject matter you are looking to train others in, then booking on this train the trainer course to learn the proper procedures and practices to train your teams in that subject matter. This one-day session provides the essentials on how to train just about anyone in just about anything.

“Telling Ain’t Training” (Stolovitch & Keeps 2011)

This one day train the trainer course is crammed with learning and chock full of tips, tricks and resources in order to give trainers and aspiring trainers the confidence to own, design and deliver their learning events.

Using an engaging and interactive method, this train the trainer course demonstrates the pitfalls and the practicalities of delivering effective learning. All of the major elements of course design and delivery are explored and delivered to delegates.

Using the course and delegates themselves as a test bed for the techniques used, this is true experiential learning!


Starting from the identification of training needs through the development of learning objectives to the design and delivery of a programme, this train the trainer course explores how people learn and what stops people from learning as a background to creating a real positive learning environment for our learners.


By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe how the process of learning occurs, the effect of learning styles and blocks and impediments to learning
  • Write clear learning objectives to reflect organisational and training needs
  • Design programme content to deliver learner engagement
  • Identify the correct content and use of presentation materials and methods of delivery
  • Develop and use interactive tasks and exercises to deliver accelerated learning
  • Devise appropriate evaluation methods using the Kirkpatrick
  • Learn tips, tricks and lessons in teaching, training and facilitation

Delegates will receive a comprehensive workbook with examples, templates and learning theories along with the essentials necessary to become an effective trainer for their organisation. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and delegates will be awarded the Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of this train the trainer course.

Price :
Members: £149; Affiliate Members £223; Non-Members £298
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10:00 - 16:00


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