Many businesses large and small have discovered the simplistic approach and effective power of WordPress. In fact, our own website here at the Chamber is based and maintained in WordPress. Would you like to know how to either create your own business website or properly maintain the one you have in WordPress? If so, this course is perfect for you.

With over 25% of websites on the entire internet being powered by WordPress, it is important to ensure your business has a well-built WordPress website which can then be marketed effectively with Search Engine Optimisation. On this course you’ll learn how to ask the right questions and how to do things correctly when working with WordPress to ensure you don’t fall foul of the common pitfalls.

Learning WordPress and SEO is a full day “two-in-one” course that is designed for business owners, directors and marketing managers who need to understand how to use WordPress for their business and drive traffic from Google using powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies. Understand how to use WordPress and SEO strategies in ways that truly work in 2016.

This intensive and valuable session on WordPress will cover;

  • Introduction to WordPress, what it is, where it came from and where it is going
  • Overview of the anatomy of a WordPress website including Themes, Plugins, Headers, Sidebars, Footers and Widgets
  • Responsive Website Design, designing your website to work seamlessly on mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers.
  • Overview of the WordPress dashboard, getting to know your way around
  • Understanding WordPress terminology including Posts, Pages, Permalinks and more
  • Publishing your first blog post or page in seconds
  • Adding Menus to your WordPress website
  • Overview of how to style your website professionally using Themes
  • Overview of how to enhance your website with Plugins
  • How the WordPress Core files are structured and what this means for enhancing your WordPress website
  • How WordPress Themes are put together and what this means for customising the look and feel of your WordPress website
  • What you can do with WordPress Plugins, where to source quality WordPress Plugins and how to extend Plugins safely
  • How to manage WordPress Core, Themes and Plugin updates safely without losing any of your customisations
  • How to manage your WordPress backups and the core layers of backups needed to stay safe
  • How to secure your WordPress website to minimise the risk of a cyberattack

The second half of this information-packed day of training involves positioning your business website to come up in Google searches when your prospective clients are looking for products and services. The information in part two is valuable not only to those with WordPress websites but for anyone tasked with maintaining a company website to draw in more business.

Whether the term SEO is foreign to you or if you know a bit about SEO but would like to update your strategies – this second session is exactly what you are looking for!

This intensive second session on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will cover;

  • Overview of successful SEO strategies from 5 years ago and successful SEO strategies of today
  • How Google works with product searches and why SEO is essential for any successful website
  • How to optimise your website to increase the chances of being found by your audience and customers
  • How your social media  influences where your business appears in Google searches.
  • How to research your audience online through Google’s free market research tools
  • New essential technologies for SEO campaigns including SSL certificates and Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • How to create a successful SEO strategy
  • How to track the performance of your SEO campaigns with free tools including Google Analytics

With this course you will be fully equipped to start, maintain, and optimise your company website to take full advantage of the exponentially-growing number of product and service searches via Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our Chamber-qualified trainer for this course is Michael Cropper, Managing Director at Contrado Digital. Michael has worked with many well-known multi-national brands creating and implementing successful digital strategies.

This course begins at 9:30am and runs until appx 4:30pm. The price of this course includes lunch and refreshments.

To book on this “Two-for-one” course contact Training and Events at 01253 347063 or via email:

Price :
Members: £149; Affiliate: £179; Non-Members: £199
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