Difficult Conversations : Discussing What Matters Most

September 20, 2019 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Gain skill and confidence in leading difficult conversations with staff to a positive outcome whether to nip problems in the bud, explain why a restructuring is needed, or to deal with other complex issues.

This managing difficult conversations training will enable delegates to focus on what is most important in the conversation and ‘how’ their view is communicated. At the end of management or team leader conversations, team members will be enabled to take responsibility for their areas of expected improvement and will gain motivation to implement the agreed actions, and engage well with their job and colleagues.

This workshop includes case studies, discussions, and interactive exercises. There is also ample opportunity to practice leading difficult conversations to allow practical application for delegates to achieve confidence to lead such conversations.

By the end of the day, delegates will:

  • Understand how to lead difficult conversations.
  • Be skilled in preparing for difficult conversations.
  • Be confident in leading difficult conversations, including when staff are aggressive or monosyllabic in their responses.
  • Be able to work with staff to develop an action plan that will succeed in addressing the problem.
  • Be able to lead team meetings that focus on difficult topics and/or where staff are resistant to what is being communicated.

This managing difficult conversations training is designed for:

  • Line managers
  • Supervisors
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone who conducts challenging conversations with staff: behaviour, results, or actions.

This half-day managing difficult conversations training will allow delegates to gain the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to engage with people from a productive and focused position, give feedback, handle aggression or difficult people, and will provide simple straightforward methods to help conduct and run challenging conversations.

Managing Difficult Conversations training is a morning course which directly precedes “Digital Health: Living & Working in the Digital Age” in the afternoon as part of a back to back Communications and Health and Wellness training offering from the Chamber of Commerce.

Does the course date, time, or location of this course not work for you? We’re flexible, we will bring the training directly to your facility through in-house or bespoke courses. Contact our training team to arrange for this training to take place at a time, date, and location that is most convenient for you.

Training location

Chamber Training Centre - Blackpool Fylde Coast
Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool FY4 2RN, United Kingdom
Price :
Members: £69; Affiliate: £89; Non-Members: £99
Contact :
Chamber Training Team 01253 3347063or Email: Training@Lancschamber.co.uk

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