Improve attendance, increase productivity and boost your retention amongst your female team members.  Women’s health symptoms ARE impacting on your business and despite the increase in awareness, there’s still a lot more we need to talk about.

Roughly 70% of women in the UK are either menopausal or are struggling with the symptoms of chronic health conditions like endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids or PSOC.  Add into that mix the impact that resulting issues such as fertility concerns, stress and anxiety have and it’s no wonder that women can struggle to give their best at work.  In a 2021 survey, we found out that women who are facing these health challenges were more likely to take avoidable sick days and were less likely to reveal the full truth about why they were ringing in sick.

In this training course, you will be takes through the complexities of women’s health;  the symptoms, their impact, why people struggle to talk about it and, most importantly, what we can do to raise the profile of women’s health in our workplaces and ensure that women don’t feel as if they need to miss work or hide away.

Upon completion of this women’s health training course, delegates will be enabled to confidently support staff members who are struggling with their menstrual health and implement best-practice support to ensure they can perform at their best:

  • Recognise behaviour changes that could indicate someone is struggling with their menopause or period / menstrual symptoms.
  • Understand how the workplace can negative impact on these symptoms and the impact that has on productivity, absence and staff retention.
  • Learn how simple changes can make big differences to your staff wellbeing, attendance and retention and what those changes are.
  • Get access to easy support solutions for the women in your team.

This half-day women’s health training course includes several discussions and interactive exercises along with ample opportunity to discuss personal experiences and to ask questions. This isn’t just for women and we encourage all managers

Who is this  course for?

  • Any organisation wishing to reduce the impact of individual and organisational stress for their employees
  •  We encourage all managers, not just women.
  • HR/Staff and Management looking to improve women’s health within the workplace.
  • New Managers tasked with greater responsibilities
  • Staff looking for different ways of managing impact and support their own well-being to equip them with more skills to improve their performance..

Is the date, time, and/or location for this supervisory management skills course inconvenient for your team? We’re flexible and can bring this training directly to your facility through in-house or bespoke courses. Contact us today to book a date, time, and location that is most convenient for you.

Price :
Members: £79; Affiliate Members £118; Non-Members £158
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