Properly securing the data of your organisation and your clients is no longer an “option” it is now “law” and companies that fail to recognise this may incur fines of up to 4% of their revenue according to an article in The Guardian.

This cybersecurity Masterclass is designed to train you in ways to protecting your business from malicious attacks like those that nearly crippled the NHS system. This morning masterclass is packed with information to protect you against Ransomware and Malware attacks against your business.

This half-day course is designed for business owners, directors and senior management teams to learn about the current cybersecurity threats and the risks these threats present to your business. It is also for those who wish to take proactive measures by securing their digital assets and minimise the risk associated with cyberattacks.

Cyber attacks are happening 24/7/365 and you may not even realise you are being attacked until it is too late. With the average cybersecurity breach costing tens of thousands of pounds for smaller SMEs to deal with and hundreds of thousands of pounds for larger SMEs to recover from, can you afford to take the risk not to protect yourself?

This Ransomware and Malware Masterclass will cover:

  • Putting cybersecurity into perspective covering recent case studies including the NHS
  • How to quantify the risk to your organisations in terms of lost sales, brand and reputational damage, serious data breaches and lost revenue
  • Understand the different types of cybersecurity attacks including;
    • Social engineering attacks
    • Unpatched software attacks
    • Poor website development attacks and Cross Site Scripting
    • Phishing attacks
    • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
    • Malware and Ransomware attacks
    • Brute force attacks and more
  • The types of backups you need in place as a minimum to ensure that you can recover from a breach with minimal downtime
  • What the OWASP Top 10 are and how they can protect your business
  • How to protect your website with network level security and firewalls
  • How to protect your website with server level security and firewalls
  • How to protect your website with software level security and firewalls
  • How to monitor cyberattacks in real-time
  • Cloud based tools to minimise the risk of cyberattacks
  • How to protect your digital assets with secure segmentation of concerns including hosted software, websites, databases, file systems, email systems and more
  • Dealing with Patch Management and having the right policies and procedures in place
  • The importance of user training around cybersecurity
  • Strategic planning for the worst case scenario and what you will do in this eventuality
  • Common bad practices we see from companies who have experienced a cyberattack, learn from their mistakes
  • Best practices to follow to keep your business safe and secure

About the Presenter:

Michael Cropper, Managing Director at Contrado Digital, understands cybersecurity from the strategic level down to the underlying technical aspects. Having advised companies, directors and senior managers on cybersecurity in recent years, he is able to explain naturally complex challenges in easy to understand ways to non-technical people.

Price :
Members: £59; Affiliate: £69; Non-Members: £79
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