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Find and develop new markets for your products in international markets and take advantage of the current outstanding opportunities for UK businesses. Global demand for British brands and products makes international trade an excellent strategy to expand your business. Master the complexities of selling internationally with the help of exporting expertise provided on this Introduction to Exporting training course.

This one day Export courses is one of our many import export courses which will cover all the essential topics that a new exporter would need to become a much more effective exporter; Or for an experienced exporter to develop their staff to take their international profits to a higher level.

  • Learn the requirements for documentation, what content is required and why?
  • Receive an overview of country of origin, Incoterms and what you need to keep as proof of export for potential audits.

Also, understand certain cost implications and why costs are applied to certain documents and processes, and how you can potentially allocate these costs to maintain profit. Delegates attending this course will receive 6 months’ free support from our BCC accredited trainer.

Delegates on this course will gain:

  • Explanation of what an export is – pre BREXIT and what could be post BREXIT
  • Overview of dispatches and acquisitions
  • The role of Customer Services in International Trade
  • Dealing with different cultures
  • Key aspects of good international customer service
  • The export process – overview of how the process works and information requirements
    from exporters
  • Country of Origin
  • Tariff Codes – HS / CN / TARIC – Overview
  • Overview of documents and why we have them and proof of export
  • Commercial Invoice – content and example
  • Packing List – content and example
  • Airway Bill – content and example
  • Bill of Lading – content and example
  • CMR notes – content and example
  • Exporter Responsibilities
  • Export Packing / Volume Calculations – Activity
  • FCL v LCL for competitiveness
  • Explanation of volume v weight for shipping
  • Incoterms – A review of each term, their application and issues to be aware of
  • Using Incoterms as Incentives
  • Trade Agreements – Preferential/Free – A description of the different types of trade
    agreements currently in place.
  • Overview of Preference documents
  • Overview of Non-preferential documents

This export course is designed for either new exporters or export staff in need of foundational training in their role. Examples of applicabile departments within an organisation who might benefit would be:

  • Customer Services
  • Export Administration
  • Shipping
  • Export Sales Administration
  • Logistics
  • Distribution

This course counts as 1 credit toward the 6-credit BCC Foundational Award in International Trade (see information below). Other international trade organisations are currently offering this identical course (same trainer) for £299 or £399 per delegate – our price to members is £169 and to non-members £199. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Does the course date/time/location not work for your organisation? We’re flexible and can bring the training to your facility through in-house or bespoke courses. Contact us to book a date, time, and location that is most convenient to you.

About the BCC Foundation Award:

The BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) has identified a curriculum of level 2 (NVQ terminology) courses which form the basis of a starting point for company employees to effectively support their employer’s importing/exporting practices. The courses are the initial and central component of the new British Chambers National Trade Training curriculum which will be accredited by BCC and delivered by the Accredited Chambers and their professional registered Trainers across the UK.

Each BCC accredited course includes the quality, assessment and training processes developed over a number of years, which underpins the delivery of the BCC national Export Documentation service

  • Qualifying Courses Count for 1 Credit and Include:
    • Introduction To Exporting
    • Exporting Documentation
    • Customs Procedures & Documentation
    • Incoterms
    • Importing Procedures
    • How to Use Agents & Distributors
    • Preference Rules of Origin
    • Methods of Payment (TBC)
    • Documentary Letters of Credit (TBC)

About the course and trainer:

Price :
Members: £169 + vat, Affiliate members: £189 + vat, Non members: £199 + vat
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