Evidence suggests that businesses with a strong commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are often able to out-compete their rivals. Similarly, businesses that are better prepared for the things that can and do go wrong are able to recover faster without losing their growth focus.

This informative seminar will tell you how you can improve your chances of growing your business by putting sustainability and resilience at the heart of what you do.

Delegates will learn:

  • What is meant by ‘sustainability’ and ‘resilience’
  • How sustainability and resilience relate to growth
  • Practical steps that can be applied in any business situation

In addition, delegates will also hear about a unique maturity model that can be used to assess performance across up to 30 separate sustainability and resilience measures, codifying performance as either Beginning, Improving, Succeeding or Leading, and how businesses can use it as a tool for continuous improvement.

This seminar will be delivered by Lee Petts, managing director at Preston-based Remsol. Remsol are growth-focused environmental, sustainability and CSR experts and work with companies of all shapes and sizes to help people grow sustainable, resilient businesses.

Price :
Member: £99 + VAT, Affiliate: £129 + VAT, Non-Member: £149 + VAT
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