A one-day workshop that identifies the duties and responsibilities of company Directors.

Managers often accept promotion to the position of director without knowledge of the new responsibilities they have undertaken.

The first part of this one-day workshop identifies

  • the key responsibilities to a director
  • the differences between a manager and a director
  • what information is freely available about them
  • the main legislation that applies
  • how to identify and prevent fraud
  • how to identify when the company is trading whilst insolvent

The second part equips non-financial directors with the tools to identify the key financial aspects of their business including

  • the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement and what they mean
  • what the profit and loss account does not tell you
  • the difference between profit and cash
  • what to look for in the financial statements
  • seven key numbers you need to know about your business
  • how to get cash out of an accountant (an introduction to capital investment appraisal)

As a result of attending this workshop, you will

  • understand the key financial statements and their limitations
  • be more confident in discussing financial matters with colleagues
  • stand a better chance of keeping out of jail

The workshop will be run by Ian Ross who, despite being a Chartered Management Accountant, has the ability to find the fun in the fundamentals of the subject. He has delivered training courses in the UK, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE. He uses minimal PowerPoint and many practical examples and exercises to bring dull accounting concepts to life.

Price :
Members: £130 + vat, Affiliate members: £165 + vat, Non – members: £195 + vat
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