The one day workshop will help you to unlock the people puzzle….

Transform your relationships with people at work, with your peers, your friends and family… including your teenagers if you have them – in fact anyone at all!

In our opinion, this training is essential for coaches, leaders, managers, teachers, sales people, HR professionals, customer care teams, recruitment specialists and more.

What does the day involve?

It’s an interactive day packed with DISC information:

  • Learn the foundations of DISC to become a master of communication
  • Understand the DISC behavioral model to understand why people do what they do
  • Gain a full understanding of the 4 basic DISC styles and how they set goals and face challenges
  • Understand why the 4 styles get along and why sometimes they don’t
  • Unlock the motivators, drivers and fears of each type to help maximise performance
  • Learn how to modify your own style to get the best out of your relationships

About Godwin Anthony

Godwin is a qualified Business/Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and DISC Cooperate trainer.15 years as a business owner/mentor, with experience in leading and growing all sectors of a business.

Godwin has developed a reputation within the world of DISC corporate training by allowing organizations to understand why some teams are not connecting, the reasons behind poor performance and how to play to individual’s strengths. People who have attended training with Godwin have often commented on how he brings the training to life, so they leave saying “they are ready to make the change today.”

Price :
Member: £99 + VAT, Affiliate: £129 + VAT, Non-Member: £149 + VAT
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