Improve your company’s import and export efficiency with a proper understanding of customs procedures from both a commercial and operational level. Smooth sailing through customs due to lack of errors in the information provided to import and export your products will inevitably result in increased sales growth, saved time, and money.

This half-day customs training course provides a comprehensive look at the information required to be submitted to customs to enable your goods to be imported and exported. It also looks at the differences between EU and non EU trade.

This Customs training course is provided to ensure that international trade organisations import and export their goods both cost-effectively and in full legal compliance wherever your overseas client may be located.

Delegates Will:

  • Have an understanding of the role of HMRC, rules of origin and Intra EC trade.
    • Know which organisation regulates the rules of trade between nations
    • Be able to name 3 of the roles of HMRC.
    • Know under what circumstances can goods be considered as wholly produced in the UK.
  • Have an understanding of customs procedures and the UK trade tariff.
    • Know what is the name of the mainframe computer which processes the UK’s import and export entries and the importance of tariff codes.
    • Know the 5 essential pieces of information that appear on the customs entry.
  • Have an understanding of the different duties payable and how to calculate them.
    • Be able to name three types of duty or tax that may be applicable when importing goods into the UK and how to calculate duty payable.
  • Understand when an exporter would issue an EUR1 form?
  • Be able to explain what free circulation is.
  • What is an Authorised Economic Operator?
  • What documents can be used as proof of removal of goods from the UK.
  • Understand a basic customs entry process and the information used and provided.
  • Understand the key pieces of information on a customs entry and what they mean.
  • Why it essential is that goods are classified correctly and whose responsibility is it?
  • Understand what an EORI is and CPC code.
  • How to work out the VAT and Duty to be applied to your import.
  • Understand Inward Processing Relief

This customs training course is suitable for organisations who are either new to international business or who are experienced but would like to refresh their knowledge, such as staff from purchasing, finance and operations departments.

This Is a Level 2 BCC Accredited International Training Course. Delegates can opt to take a short exam at the end of this course with submission to the BCC for assessment. Successful completion and assessment will result in a BCC International Trade Certificate of Completion and 1 Credit which works toward completion of the BCC Foundation of Trade programme. (6 credits)

This morning customs training course precedes the afternoon course “Export Documentation” as part of a back-to-back International Trade training day.

Does the course date/time/location not work for your organisation? We’re flexible, contact us about bringing the training to your facility at a time and date that is most convenient to you!

Price :
Members: £99; Affiliates: £129; Non-Members: £149
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