Apply newfound professional editing and proofreading skills for your website, social media, and printed collateral copywriting with this half-day proofreading course.

Part of writing is being able to take a step back and edit and proofread your work. Your content may be informative and entertaining but bad grammar, lack of punctuation, and confusion of styles can distort the message and turn customers off.

This proofreading course provides an introduction to the basic skills of proofreading and editing. It examines the types of errors to look out for and how much of your copy to change. What is the difference between a proofreader and an editor?

Learn how to edit content, looking at style, tone, layout, and clarity of wording. Practice spotting errors. Discover the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes that people make when writing copy and learn how you can avoid them.

Learn the basics of dealing with texts that have been written by others, including text that contains charts, tables, and quotations from a different source. Learn when it’s okay to break the rules and where to find resources that can help. Test your proofreading accuracy in the group of your peers for feedback.

This Proofreading Course Will Allow Delegates To:

  • Edit your work with integrity, keeping the required style, and stay true to the original message
  • Understand the difference between proof-reading and editing
  • Edit and proofread a wide range of documents with confidence
  • Evaluate and improve the structure of your writing
  • Apply the correct tone of voice and style, and review clarity of message and layout
  • Accurately spot errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Learn the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes that people make and why
  • Learn the most common spelling mistakes and avoid them

This proofreading and editing course aims to give you a better understanding of your writing and can help your company to remain consistent (and effective) in its marketing copy.

You can arrange to have this training onsite at your facility on a date and time that is most convenient to your team. Contact us to discuss a bespoke or on-site offering today.

Price :
Members: £69; Affiliate: £89; Non-Members: £99
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