Studies have suggested that more than 50 per cent of the judgements we make about people and also their judgements of us are visual. Body language is non-verbal, but it shouts loudly about who you are. Are you trustworthy? Do I want to do business with you? Do I want to employ you?


With an infinite number of symbolic interpretations for body language, no wonder people are nervous about using it.


Delegates will return to your company confident in their ability to:


  • Build trust and business relationship quickly
  • Judge people and know how they will judge us
  • What signals our appearance is saying about us?
  • What signals to look for and how to recognise behavior
  • How to quickly build rapport and get the most out of meetings
  • Increase your effectiveness at those business critical events
  • Look at conflict management with new eyes.

Whether conducting appraisals or selling to customers, we all subconsciously use and read body language. This course, led by Keith Whittle of KBW Consulting, has been created to make you ‘listen’ to other people’s signals and pro-actively use non-verbal communication to your advantage.

Price :
Chamber members: £160 + vat, Affiliate members: £205 + vat, Non-members: £245 + vat
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