Document Services

  • Certificates of Origin


European Community Certificates of Origin are used as documentary evidence to show where goods being exported from the European Community were originally manufactured. They  are issued by local Chambers of Commerce and can be required for different reasons such as customs clearance or payment via Letter of Credit. It can also be required by Customs in the country of import to determine tariff rates.

  • How do I apply for a European Certificate of Origin?

There are two ways to complete a European Community Certificate of Origin it can be done manually and online. If you have never completed documentation with NWLCC before you will need to complete a Formal Undertaking. In order to obtain certified documents it is necessary for us to hold your signature on file. This Formal Undertaking must be renewed annually. Please ensure you have read our Standard Rules.

Applying for European Community Certificates of Origin can be done electronically at or manually by requesting a certificate from NWLCC. You can find more about our electronic service.

  • E-Z CERT

e-z Cert is a service offering by North & Western Lancashire’s Chamber which enables exporters to obtain certain certificates online. It can be used to obtain European Community and Arab British Certificates of Origin, EUR1s and ATR documents. (Please note however that the full electronic service for A.TR’S cannot be completed via e-z cert, please contract the Export Docs team for further information).

E-z cert is also used to certify other commercial documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists. E-z cert is approved by the British Chambers of Commerce as being compliant with regulations and data security requirements.

The e-z Cert system has 2 submission options:

  • Express Applications are approved by the Chamber online within hours of submission. This enables the exporter to print certified/validated documents at their own premises.
  • Standard Applications can be applied for which the Chamber will then print out. These can either be posted out to you or collected from the offices.

If you are unsure how to apply for documents via e-z Cert, there are some online tutorials available here or alternatively you can speak to a member of the team.