Local Authorities agree Rent Concessions

This week the Chamber entered into communication with our local Authorities urging them to consider suspending the collection of rent for their small business tenants to help see them through the coronavirus pandemic.

We are pleased that the majority responded positively and are implementing support measures ranging from Lancaster City Council, Fylde Borough Council & West Lancashire District Council who are either suspending the collection of rent or offering rent concessions for its small business tenants. Other local authorities are offering support on an individual case by case basis from agreeing rent holidays from a 1 month – 3 month period.

These are welcome measures that will help to support local businesses and their employees and will help to release working capital/cash which is critical at this time.

We appreciate that these are also difficult times for local councils and thank them for their efforts in these most difficult of circumstances.

Members who are commercial tenants of Local Authorities, in need of assistance, are urged to contact Alan Welsh 01772 653000 ext 208 or alanw@lancschamber.co.uk for further information

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