Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – tips for UK businesses

• Be prepared in advance with the required information:

• review the updated supports and step by step guide from HMRC.

• find out how to calculate a claim and use the CJRS calculator to check calculations.

• Access the service via the online portal.

• Complete the application in one session – there are no ‘do overs’.

• Please note that inactivity on the application for 15 minutes logs you off.

• Take a screenshot of the confirmation page for your records as there will be no email confirmation.

• Retain all records and calculations for your reference.

On the 20 April, the Government launched the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme at 8am. By midnight they had received:

• 185,000 claims
• Covering 1,300,000 employees
• At a value of £1,500,000,000

For employers to get their payments by 30 April they need to make a claim by midnight today (Wednesday 22 April) as it takes 6 working days to process claims.  Further guidance is available and there is an easy to use, step-by-step guide that takes you through the process.

Employers can apply here

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