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The global Covid 19 pandemic we are living through has radically focussed all of our minds on the most important things in life, whilst less important stuff has taken a back seat.
Our family, our loved ones, our health, how much food we have left in the cupboard and the ability to communicate with each other are what we are consumed with right now during the UK lockdown.
I work for an organisation called Claro Software that has a global reach and I have been discussing these issues from my home during lockdown with people in India, the USA, Norway and elsewhere. We are all worried about losing connectivity with each other and the ability to function again as we did before. Perhaps what we did before will change enormously as a result of what we have learned about ourselves, our communities and about humanity in a time of crisis. Perhaps our new world will be unrecognisable from everything we knew before and we will be forced to forge new relationships with each other; to use different mediums to communicate with each other.
At times of great uncertainty and fear clarity of thought is vital. Our company name means clear. We focus on helping people from all over the world to communicate more effectively with each other and with the world around them. We support people of all ages, all nationalities, religions, social class and sexuality to read when they have disabilities like dyslexia or have neuro-divergences.
The world is a very different place for those who struggle to read text in the usual way; so our amazing  people have developed software that helps people to read text and turns it into easy to understand language. For students, academics or anyone who loves reading and struggles with the printed word, we provide clarity, a chance to connect with the world in a way most people take for granted.
We understand some people may not be aware of this amazing software and yet there has never been a more important time to stay connected with each other with clarity and mutual support. So that is why we will be providing a number of free options if you are working or studying from home. We all need to support the most vulnerable in our communities and find new and imaginative ways to reach out. If you work for a school, college, university, community hub, hospital, GP practice, council, clinical commissioning group, library service, community or voluntary organisation or you are just interested in finding out more as an individual please contact me on the email address or telephone number below….thanks for reading stay safe and stay connected.

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