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The NWL Chamber is pleased to propose a comprehensive leadership and management training programme to enhance the professional development and effectiveness of local businesses and employees within the organisation.

We believe that investing in our local workforce’s leadership and managerial skills will contribute to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall organisational success.


Duration:  7 days, scheduled over 7 months (or in accordance with the client’s wishes)
Numbers:  between 3 – 10 delegates
Location: North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce/client’s premises
Dates: 2024 (in accordance with the client’s wishes)


  1. Develop Effective Communication: Enhance verbal and written communication skills to foster clear and concise communication with team members, peers, and superiors.
  2. Build Strong Team Dynamics: Develop strategies to create and lead high-performing teams, inspire collaboration, foster diversity, and manage conflicts effectively.
  3. Strategic Decision-Making: Equip participants with the tools and techniques to make informed decisions, prioritise tasks, and manage conflicting demands.
  4. Leadership Styles and Adaptability: Explore different leadership styles and help participants identify their leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  5. Change Management: Familiarise participants with change management theories and practical approaches to navigate and lead through organizational change
  6. Performance Management: Provide participants with the knowledge and skills to set performance targets, deliver effective feedback, and conduct performance evaluations.
  7. Conflict Resolution: Teach participants conflict resolution strategies and techniques to resolve workplace conflicts professionally and constructively.
  8. Peer to Peer:  Group discussion on learning and implementation.


The training programme will be conducted through a combination of interactive lectures, group discussions, case studies, role-plays, and practical exercises. We will engage experienced trainers who specialise in leadership and management development to ensure the highest quality of instruction and engagement.


The cost of the Leadership and Management Training Programme Package for up to 10 Delegates, is £4900+VAT.

This investment will provide employees with invaluable skills to lead and manage effectively, positively impacting their teams and their organisation as a whole. We firmly believe that by investing in our employees’ leadership and management competencies, we will foster a positive work environment, and increase employee engagement, and your business objectives

Book by emaling training@lancschamber.co.uk

Or calling 0177263000

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