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Over the past 6 weeks Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Lancashire Police have seen a huge increase in the number of commercial/domestic bin fires

The following information will help to keep you and your business safe:

Good housekeeping will lower the chances of a fire starting, so the accumulation of combustible materials in all premises should be monitored carefully. Good housekeeping is essential to reduce the chances of escape routes and fire doors being blocked or obstructed. Keep waste material in suitable containers before it is removed from the premises. If bins, particularly wheeled bins, are used outside, secure them in a compound to prevent them being moved to a position next to the building and set on fire. Never place skips against a building, they should normally be a minimum of 6m away from any part of the premises.

If you generate a considerable quantity of combustible waste material, then you may need to develop a formal plan to manage this effectively. In higher risk areas you need to make sure arrangements are in place for close down, e.g., checking all appliances are turned off and combustible waste has been removed.

Many of the materials found in your premises will be combustible. If your premises have inadequate or poorly managed storage areas, then the risk of fire is likely to be increased. The more combustible materials you store the greater the source of fuel for a fire. Poorly arranged storage could prevent equipment such as sprinklers working effectively. Combustible materials are not just those generally regarded as highly combustible, such as polystyrene, but all materials that will readily catch fire. However, by carefully considering the type of material, the quantities kept and the storage arrangements, the risks can be significantly reduced

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