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In the third quarter of 2019, electricity generated in the UK via renewable energy sources surpassed electricity derived from fossil fuels for the first time.

Recent research from Carbon Brief showed that domestic and business consumers have embraced a move towards cleaner power, with 40% of UK electricity coming from sources such as wind, biomass and solar. Although renewables took the lead by just a 1% margin, in light of the current climate crisis, this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Many businesses, especially SMEs, think they don’t have the money to invest in green energy, but something as simple as switching your power contracts can make a huge difference – and it doesn’t always mean you’ll be paying more.

Green Energy Suppliers

Green energy tariffs have been rising in popularity over recent years as businesses realise the need engage with the fight against climate change and help the UK reach its Net Zero target by 2050. As an independent consultancy, our mission is to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint through green energy procurement and enhanced energy efficiency measures. We can help you find the best priced green energy contracts, and, in many cases, we can source green contracts for the same price as the standard, non-renewable tariff. riffs have been rising in popularity over recent years as businesses

What Exactly is a Green Energy Tariff?

Because our electricity in the UK is generated via a mixture of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, it is likely that whatever tariff your business is on, some of your supply has come from sustainable sources. However, if you sign up to a green energy tariff, your supplier will promise to match all or some of the electricity you use with renewable energy sources which feed back into the National Grid. So, by choosing a green tariff you are helping to increase the proportion of green energy being fed into the system – making changes to the UK’s fuel mix and moving away from our dependence on fossil fuels.

If you want to know that your tariff is fully green, we work with suppliers who source electricity from 100% renewable sources – some use biomass, for example, which uses natural waste to produce energy, and is much less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels.

Carbon Offset

Energy suppliers are also embracing carbon offsetting, where carbon-reduction methods are used to balance the carbon footprint of the electricity and gas that you purchase.

There are plenty of options available for choosing a tariff that is kinder to the planet without compromising your profit margins – our green energy experts will help find the right tariff, according to your business’ needs. 

Green Gas

And it’s not just electricity. Most homes and businesses use natural gas, but you can still choose a green tariff for your gas contract. We can arrange a gas contract where the supplier will use carbon offsetting to balance the gas you use. Additionally, certain companies now supply ‘green gas’ as part of the fuel mix, which uses organic matter and turns it into biomethane using anaerobic digestion – a process which is virtually carbon neutral.

Green Energy is Good for Business

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, green energy can demonstrate good corporate social responsibility and is a great thing for your business to shout about. If you do choose a green energy contract, we can arrange for REGO-backed certification to be sent to you, showing the origin of your supply. You can display your certification proudly for your customers to see – and it can also help when trying to get your workforce engaged with efficiency measures.

The Greenest kwH is the One You Don’t Use…

Talking of efficiency, as well as green energy procurement, we can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint in other ways such as through LED lighting, energy monitoring software and energy efficiency projects. If your premises are suitable, we can give advice on self-generation technologies including solar, battery storage, biomass and heat pumps. Whatever your goals, our utility experts can find a solution to help your business become a greener and more environmentally responsible energy consumer.

To find out how Inspired Energy plc can help your business go green, get in touch. Call 01772 689 250, email partnerships@inspiredenergy.co.uk or visit www.inspired-referral.co.uk

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