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(Article supplied by Dean Hogarth – Systems Consultant – GB3)

Members may be thinking, why is this useful, surely GDPR has all blown over now, it was just like the Y2K bug, nothing happened, besides, we’ve updated the Privacy Policy on our website now, so we’re compliant, right?

Nope, we are in a brave new era of enforced Data Protection compliance. 

Before the 25th May 2018 the requirement to be compliant with data protection legislation was present, but maybe not as stringently regulated as it is now. The change in reporting personal data breaches was not mandated, but now there is a requirement to report, within 72 hours, personal data breaches that are likely to risk the rights and freedoms of data subjects (people like you & I).

Although historically organisations were not required to report breaches, they were happening before 25th May 2018 and they are still happening now. In fact, I have dealt with over 30 breaches for customers so far since May. Breaches can no longer be quietly and discretely tidied up; we may have to inform the ICO (UK’s Supervisory Authority for Data Protection), which can bring corrective action requirements or investigations or even fines. We may then have to tell our customers / suppliers / employees and any other data subjects that are affected by a personal data breach. Recovering the reputation and trust that has been build up with our data subjects takes time, money and focus away from running your business. It could be easier to have a partner look after this for you.


I would be delighted to offer two free Data Protection Support calls to Chamber members that have questions about data protection. Whether it be help with a Subject Access Request, undertaking a data audit (known as Records of Processing Activities) assistance with a Data Protection complaint or even emergency support in response to a Data Breach, I can be at the end of the phone to answer questions or provide advice when it is needed most. It’s about having peace of mind that someone living and breathing data protection is on hand when required, because after all, if there is a personal data protection breach the clock is ticking.

We offer an Outsourced Data Protection Officer service, for any organisations wanting to take the ICO’s recommendations on having a DPO. Low monthly rates of Support are available and are appropriate for the size of business. Contact me for more details.

Dean Hogarth 
T: 0844 374 0473

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