The 104th Annual General Meeting & Council Annual Meeting of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce (the Company) will be held at 12 noon on 27th November 2020 at the Company’s offices at  9-10 Eastway Business Village, Oliver’s Place, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9WT; and with participation via Zoom

Under the Memorandum and Articles of Association an Annual General Meeting must be held for the purpose of electing Officers of the Chamber, Members of the Council, appointing Auditors, and accepting the financial statements of the business.  All members of the Chamber are welcome to attend the proceedings.



All documentation for the 104th AGM can be downloaded from below:

AGM papers pack (zip file)


or separately as individual documents:

AGM Circular & Notice of Meeting

AGM Participant Guide

AGM Agenda 2020

Form of Proxy for Members

AGM Minutes 2019 

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2019