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Media Village, a full service creative agency in Altham, Lancashire have recently had an impressive creative revamp and found their place in a brand new, bespoke office. Still operating from the same location, the company has invested a vast amount of money in to constructing a large loft conversion to inhabit their ever growing team.

Michael Lambert, Director states that “The improvements were borne from our desire to offer our colleagues a better place to work as well as improving engagement within the company.  It’s so important for our colleagues to be proud of their working environment and the company they represent and it’s a real privilege to see us all in our new office space.  It’s been a stressful few months getting to this stage but we’re so excited to see what the future holds.

Michael added: “The benefits were immediately visible with communication improving and our teams working more in tandem.”

The new, creative, open plan, office area hopes to boost creative collaboration, increase productivity and build a more cohesive team with all the umbrella companies that make the Media Village under one roof.

A creative workforce that feels empowered to innovate, and that has the freedom to work in the way that suits them will also be a satisfied and engaged workforce.

With the company’s recent success, the increase in the numbers of staff and their growing relationship with their now new neighbours Red Fern Media- meant that adapting their offices to offer a more creative atmosphere was the next logical step for Media Village.

Media Village and Red Fern Media have worked together as strategic partners for twelve years, specializing in website development and design; the two companies together create a force to be reckoned with in the marketing and creative industry. Therefore, MV moving just next door to Red Fern made perfect sense, in order to improve communication and efficiency when working on projects together as partners.

Nathan Littler, 27, Studio Manager commented: “In recent years Media Village have transitioned from a primarily print background to be a more reputable design agency with the added luxury in house printing. I am lucky to be leading a team of engaged creatives in our new environment with a positive vision for the future which will see Media Village continue to grow as we look to expand our services further, creating a more collaborative environment. The money invested by the directors in our modernised environment is reassurance that they share this exciting vision for the future, as I am given the freedom to keep progressing myself, my team and most importantly the business.

Sticking to their creative culture and background, Media Village didn’t just follow the normal procedures when revamping their office- the whole team got involved and built bespoke desks and office furniture from scratch for all employees. Within the new meeting room there is a historic focal point to the companies proud Lancashire roots, a clear display of the Accrington `Noir` brick, which holds up most of their building and creates an immediate talking point for all visitors with its unique story.

Finally, the new office is not the only thing the company has invested in this year; they have also invested significantly in state of the art printing technology to reach the high demand within their production department. The future is looking bright for Media Village, who plan to hold their own networking events in their new creative space and make people more aware of the diversity of creative services they offer under one roof.

For more information about Media Village, their brand new office and all the creative services they offer go to www.media-village.co.uk


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