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Ensure that your team knows the rules which govern international trade origin and ensure that your goods are not detained nor delayed at Customs borders due to incorrect declaration of origin with this BCC Accredited (NVQ Level 2) Preference Rules of Origin Training Course.

Demystify the complex Preference Rules of Origin and gain an essential understanding of applicable import duties on the countries where your imported products are made – half-day training which can benefit both importer and exporter alike.

Delegates on This Course Will:

  • Have an understanding of the difference between Preference and Non-Preference Origin.
    • Learn the different types of Origin.
    • Learn what is meant by Non Preference, Preference and Free Circulation.
  • Have an understanding of the rules determining preference rules of origin.
    • Learn why a Certificate of Origin is needed.
    • Understand why “The Tariff” is so important.
    • Recognise what is special about the agreement with Turkey.
  • Learn the percentage rule and how to apply it.
    • Understand the percentage rule
    • Understand the Transformation Rule

This afternoon Rules of Origin training course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the rules which govern origin thereby ensuring that your goods are not detained nor delayed at Customs borders due to incorrect declaration of origin and is beneficial to any personnel preparing export or import documentation, dealing with customer queries, gathering of origin evidence etc.

This training is BCC Accredited (NVQ Level 2) qualifying for the BCC Foundation Award (see information below) from a registered and course-approved International Trade trainer and directly precedes “Post-Brexit Procedures for International Trade” which runs in the afternoon as part of a back-to-back Import Export training course offering.

Other international trade organisations are currently offering this identical Rules of Origin training course for £250 to £400 per delegate – our price to members is £99 and to non-members £149. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

This morning course directly precedes the “Post-Brexit Procedures” course which follows in the afternoon as part of a back-to-back international trade offering.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided and delegates will be awarded a Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of this session.

The Chamber will run this course three times in 2020, contact us for alternative session dates.

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About the BCC Foundation Award:

The BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) has identified a curriculum of level 2 (NVQ terminology) courses which form the basis of a starting point for company employees to effectively support their employer’s importing/exporting practices. The courses are the initial and central component of the new British Chambers National Trade Training curriculum which will be accredited by BCC and delivered by the Accredited Chambers and their professional registered Trainers across the UK.

Each BCC accredited course includes the quality, assessment and training processes developed over a number of years, which underpins the delivery of the BCC national Export Documentation service

  • Qualifying Courses Count for 1 Credit and Include:
    • Introduction To Exporting
    • Exporting Documentation
    • Customs Procedures & Documentation
    • Incoterms
    • Importing Procedures
    • How to Use Agents & Distributors
    • Preference Rules of Origin
    • Methods of Payment (TBC)
    • Documentary Letters of Credit (TBC)
Price :
Members: £99; Affiliates: £129; Non-Members: £149
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