Data-Driven Leadership: Managing By The Numbers *FREE Taster Session*

March 1, 2019 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

**Please note: As part of the Chamber Training Programme’s Free First Friday Training Taster series, this is a free training session to the first 12 delegates to book on whether members or non-members. The content of this taster session will be a condensed version of the full-day content below which will follow later in the year.**

Most organisations capture and report data, but data is useless without analysis that leads to action. Learn how to collect data in your organisation, learn from it, gather feedback, and useful useable accountability in order to bring about measurable success and results for your company or department for the long term.

This leadership skills course will show you how to know your numbers and P&L and use them to set priority, maintain focus, and allocate resources.

This is a free taster course on ‘Data Driven Leadership’ via the Chamber of Commerce which will provide a condensed 2-hour introductory session to the one-day course scheduled later in 2019. The full day course takes you through discussions, case studies and interactive exercises and will open up to possibilities of how to use this tremendous asset to lead your organisation higher.

Course Objectives Include:

    Understanding big-data and analytics fundamentals for decision making
    Identifying and executing effective data analytics initiatives
    Selecting and recruiting the right team on the analytics journey
    Boost HR and company productivity and performance with metrics that matter
    Shape an analytics-centric culture that generate data-driven managers

Become a data-driven leader who is measured and focused while building a data culture whereby you can truly know your staff, clients, product and market activities, successes, and shortcomings. Data-Driven Leaders are NOT necessarily analyst or data scientists but rather, they recognise the value of knowledge and the power of putting it to use in management.

There is a limited number of places for this free taster course and bookings will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.

Does this leadership skills training course have a time/date/location which does not work for your team? We’re flexible, allow us to bring this training directly to your facility via an in-house or bespoke course. Contact our training team to set up a session at a date, time, or location that is most convenient to you.

Price :
Free to Members and Non-Members
Contact :
Chamber Training Team 01253 3347063or Email:

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