Excel Level 3: Power Users

March 3, 2021 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

This course is designed for experienced and highly proficient users of the software who seek to move beyond intermediate to become true “power” users! This Level 3 course builds on the concepts learned in Excel Level 2: Beyond The Basics.

Because this high level course moves at a set pace we ask that, prior to booking the course, a quick multiple choice assessment is taken to determine your current level of Excel knowledge to enable that all delegates move at the same pace.

Excel Assessment: Are you a beginner or pro? Find out here

Maximise your impact with the use of advanced graphs and presentation techniques. Increase the interactivity of your sheets by learning the true “power” features and functions to solve complex problems while turning raw date into clear usable information that supports measurable initiatives.

The aim of this course is to build on the knowledge gained through Excel Intermediate: Beyond The Basics (Level 2).  This course prepares delegates for the Excel Pro: Super Users (Level 4) course.

Delegates will learn:

  • Review of Excel Basic Formulas and Functions
  • Using Multiple Workbooks
  • Working with Large Worksheets
  • Using Logical and Date Functions (IF, TODAY, NOW, MONTH, YEAR, TEXT)
  • ‘Nesting’ functions
  • Advanced Formatting Features
    • Styles
    • Auto-format
    • Format Painter
    • Sparklines (Excel 2013 only)
    • Conditional formatting and Data bars
  • Working with Data Lists and Tables (Sorting, Filtering, Sub-Totals)
  • Using Charts in Excel

Eligibility Criteria:

This course is designed for people who are competent with the fundamentals  and basics of Excel (or have completed Excel Level 1: The Fundamentals and Excel Level 2: Beyond The Basics) and aims to develop a range of more advanced skills. Revolutionize the way you manage, present, or otherwise run your department or business with this advanced training course in Microsoft Excel!

Delegates should bring a laptop with Excel 2016 or newer (MS 365) installed – if this is not possible we do have a few laptops available for hire on a first-come first-served basis.

Flexible Training:

Is the course time/date/location not convenient for you or your team? We’re flexible, contact us to bring the training directly to your facility through an in-house or bespoke course. Call the Chamber Training Centre in Blackpool to arrange a time, date, and/or location that is most convenient for you.

Training location

Chamber Training Centre - Blackpool and the Fylde Coast
Chamber Training Centre, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Price :
Members: £139; Affiliate: £169; Non-Members: £189
Contact :
Chamber Training Team 01253 347063- or Email: Training@Lancschamber.co.uk

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