Our Change Management Training course will show you how to initiate change, build buy-in to change, and reduce general resistance to change.

Do you want to have the ability to successfully carry out enduring change with relatively little resistance to it? Understand how to generate change but ensure people affected by the change are also comfortable and fully supported. Discover how to communicate that change is the effect of a request and then support its participants.

Delegates on Change Management Training Will Learn. 

  • Be able to describe to people why change is necessary.
  • Understand why people react the way they do to change.
  • Be able to demonstrate the use of a range of tools to manage change effectively.
  • Understand how to make change stick.
  • How to use a goal-orientated change management model for a successful change
  • Learn how to communicate effectively through the change process.

The Benefits of Change Management Training 

    • Improved communication: When employees understand recent changes, it promotes more communication throughout the company.
    • Enhanced productivity: Employees can produce their best work when there is a clear plan in place for how things will change.
    • Reduced stress: Uncertainty about the future can cause stress for employees, and change management helps reduce this by providing clarity and structure.
    • Improved morale: When employees feel that they are part of the change process, their opinions help to create a more positive work environment and improve their morale.
    • Enhanced creativity: With change comes the chance to be creative, and change management opens the opportunity to inspire your workers to explore new methods to do things.
    • Improved decision-making: The process of making timely changes can enable for more effective decision-making since those involved are clear about what is expected of them.

Who Will Benefit From Change Management Training?

  • Senior-level leaders who want to understand the strategic importance change management for the organization, and how to implement change within an organisation.
  • Any manager or leader who has responsibility for leading and managing people through change at work.
  • Entrepreneurs who run their own companies and want to know how to make the most out of a leading and managing people through change at work.

Does the location/date/time of this course not work for your organisation? We’re flexible, contact us about bringing the training to your facility through in-house or bespoke courses at a date and time that is most convenient to you!

Price :
Members: £149; Affiliate: £223; Non-Members: £298
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