This one-day course is designed for businesses with a physical location such as a shop, restaurant, bar, B&B, shopping centres, theme park, bowling alley and any other lifestyle or entertainment business. We will be looking at how you can connect the online and offline worlds together to enhance the customer experience and ultimately increase revenue within your business.

Technologies are available to capture customer data like never before and capturing this data is the modern day gold rush. Businesses that collect and use customer data effectively and responsibly with permission will be the businesses who see the greatest returns from their marketing campaigns.

The workshop will cover:

  • The Modern Customer: It’s not you, in-fact, most customers think and behave extremely differently than you can ever imagine. Catering for the modern customer requires a significantly different mind-set throughout your business.
  • Free WiFi: Offering free WiFi is expected by the modern customer, this is not a unique selling point for your business. Utilising free WiFi to capture customer details, send them promotional marketing material and allowing them to engage with your socially is where smart businesses start to use free WiFi for their benefit.
  • Engaging Offline: Customers aren’t interested in your online or offline activities. They are looking for a consistent and engaging brand experience at all times when interacting with your business. Looking at how to engage customers effectively offline and how this connects with the online world.
  • Engaging Online: Joining all of the above together to create a truly integrated experience for your customers.


Michael Cropper, Managing Director at Contrado Digital, has worked with many well-known multi-national brands throughout his time. His years of experience creating and implementing many successful digital strategies is being distilled down into this fine workshop. Learn from someone who has been involved with all aspects digital from the strategic board level all the way down to the nitty gritty hands on work.

Price :
Members: £142.00 + vat, Affiliate members: £199.00 + vat, Non-members: £224.00 + vat
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09:30 - 16:45


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