Training and Development

**Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 Virus all training for the Chamber will be carried via live ZOOM training until late May. Visit this ZOOM TUTORIAL link for a quick 3-step tutorial for accessing and using Zoom for training sessions**

Keep your staff engaged, motivated, and at peak performance with training and development through the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. With over 75 course titles across Business Management, Administration, Marketing, Sales, Communications, and Software Skills offered throughout the year, the Chamber training programme can develop the skills of your workforce and improve the overall performance and efficiency of your organisation.

We can affordably offer any of the courses found here on the website as in-house or bespoke training at a time, date, and location that is most convenient to your team and tailored to your specific needs.

See below for details of our upcoming courses. Please feel free to contact a member of our Training team for any specific training requirements you might have: 01253 347063

Sales Training : Selling To Different Buyer Types

October 22, 2021 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Sales training to maximise sales calls and connections through a greater understanding of commonly shared traits across potential client personality types. Identify your potential buyer's buying style and gain a greater chance of reaching them by instantly customising your sales presentation accordingly whether face to face, by phone, or email. Members £69; Affiliates £89; Non-Members £99

Price: Members: £69; Affiliate: £89; Non-Members: £99

Contact: Chamber Training Team 01253 347063or Email:

Powerful Presentation & Pitching Skills

November 2, 2021 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Presentation skills training to build a compelling, confident presentation or persuasive pitch to impact clients and colleagues whether one or one thousand - and get your point across even if you may not have time to fully prepare or feel uncomfortable presenting to colleagues or customers. Also included, will be a module to greatly improve pitching skills when you only have a short time to deliver a powerful pitch or presentation - this presentation training course will show you how to get it done right! Members: £139;; Affiliates: £169; Non-Members £189

Price: Members: £139; Affiliate: £169; Non-Members: £189

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Contact: Chamber Training Team 01253 347063 or Email: