No more delays, no more excuses on Heathrow expansion

This week, the Government’s long awaited Airports National Policy Statement was published – finally giving the green light on plans to build a third runway at Heathrow after years of delays.
The message from business to Parliament couldn’t be simpler: no more delays, no more excuses on Heathrow expansion. Bold decisions are needed to demonstrate that Britain is open for business at a time of change and uncertainty.
A green light for Heathrow’s third runway will show international investors, our trading partners and our competitors that the United Kingdom is serious about being at the heart of the global economy. A vote to proceed with expansion is a signal to businesses here at home that Westminster is serious about fixing the fundamentals and supporting UK growth in every region of the country.No more Westminster prevarication and indecision. It’s time to crack on.
Heathrow Airport has published a report, based in part on roundtable discussions under taken with several Chambers of Commerce – the link to the report is here:

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