Hinkley approval must usher in a new era of energy investment

Commenting on the decision by the government to proceed with the first in a new generation of nuclear plants at Hinkley Point in Somerset, Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Acting Director General, said: 

“Businesses across the UK have long been concerned about energy security, and will hope that the decision to proceed with Hinkley Point C ushers in a new era of sustained investment in energy generation and transmission.

“Decades of dithering on energy infrastructure have left the UK playing catch-up. This decision must be the first of many, with new nuclear, renewables, gas and shale investment all critical to meeting the needs of businesses and consumers.

“While there will always be debate around the cost of major projects, the price of inaction is larger still. Other energy projects across the UK should also be approved in the months ahead, given their vital importance to both local economies and national prosperity.

“Businesses will be looking to the Prime Minister to take more big decisions to progress runways, railways, energy and broadband schemes – all of which are critical to the success of her planned industrial strategy.”

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