Preston accountant helps bring BEEBAD energy drink to the UK

One of Preston’s leading accountancy firms is helping to bring the BEEBAD energy drink to UK.

Michael Barton, Chairman and CEO at Rotherham Taylor Limited has been busy assisting the manufacturer of the honey-based energy drink, which has already launched in Italy and the USA, to bring the product to UK supermarket shelves.

As well as helping the firm to set up UK bank accounts and establish a UK limited company, he has also liaised with the Food Standards Agency on behalf of the business, whose energy drink is made from all-natural ingredients.

Michael said: “For firms that do not have an established commercial presence in the UK, bringing a brand from overseas to the UK creates many challenges, including setting up bank accounts and liaising with regulators.

“I am delighted to have been able to help bring BEEBAD to the UK. This is an exciting brand with a distinctive product and it is great to be able to help them introduce that product to UK consumers.

“Here at Rotherham Taylor Limited, we have a strong track record of helping overseas-based firms to begin trading in the UK and it is wonderful that we have been able to maintain that track record with BEEBAD.”

Cristian Czar, Chief Executive of Czar & Co (UK) Limited, added: “Michael and his team are our foremost strategic advisors for our UK launch and have made our plans become a real business in record time. I would summarise Rotherham Taylor’s approach with the phrase: ‘100 per cent Reliable’.”

Rotherham Taylor Limited offers a range of international services to overseas clients looking to trade in the UK, assisting with accountancy and related matters.

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