Pakawaste lands NHS Trusts’ contracts for its innovative Hot Bin Washer

Preston based, Pakawaste Ltd, has secured contracts with several NHS Trusts for the company’s innovative, large Hot Bin Washer machine.

The Hot Bin Washer will save the NHS Trusts significant time and money, as the Hot Bin Washer replaces the high-cost, labour-intensive challenge of washing the large outdoor bins by hand, a task usually outsourced by the NHS Trusts.

These outsourced costs could be up to £700 per day and by using the new Hot Bin Washer, payback is usually within the first year.

The fully automated Hot Bin Washers which can be used with a variety of bin sizes, providing a more hygienic and consistent clean.

David Hamer, Pakawaste Group CEO, said: “There is a huge potential for these Hot Bin Washers to be used particularly across the health and food & drink industries. The range of benefits are fantastic and include a more environmentally friendly and hygienic wash, high labour cost savings, with a reliable, fully automated and timed consistency of wash.

“We’re seeing high-demand for these machines, since they can be used both indoors and outdoors across a wide range of sectors.”

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