New member Drone-Works is mapping the way!

It was not too long ago that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, were seen as gimmicks at best – toys at worst.  Simple inspections jobs of buildings and structures is now easily done by flying a Drone, identifying areas in need of repair or inspection. 

Particular areas where it is hard to get to by foot, such as roofs, bridges, wind farms etc. is now far easier to reach using Drones. 

DroneWorks use drones to collect accurate data, much quicker and safer than traditional methods and in some cases collecting data from places that was previously not possible.

Some of the applications Drone-Works can offer using drone technology:

• Aerial photography / videography
• Asset inspection
• Site survey & data collection
• Topographic surveys
• Mapping and 3D modelling
• Monitor construction progress
• Measure volumes, distances, cross section profiles from imagery

Jason Hinsley, Managing Director of Drone-Works commented:

“Drones are a great tool to collect highly accurate, valuable data, giving a significant impact on the way projects are managed, reducing timelines, improving communications, making site assessment and inventories more accurate and improving safety. 

“Outputs generated can be integrated with CAD, BIM and other aerial or GIS (ground information system) software.  Drone-Works are excited to be offering these innovative services to businesses in Lancashire and proving the benefits that they can bring to businesses taking advantage of them!”

From stunning aerial shots for marketing, to inspection, mapping and construction planning and progress, with reduced time, cost and risk compared to traditional methods, DroneWorks can work with you.

You can contact Jason if you want discuss anything drone related at or 01772 846229.

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