Documentation requirements for PPE & Non-Medical PPE

As you may have seen in the media, there have been a number of PPE consignments that have arrived in the UK, only to be determined as not fit for medical use. Many Members are looking into shipping consignments of medical and non-medical PPE destined for NHS and front-line services and we wanted to update you on the documentation requirements for all PPE being shipped from China.

The following documents are needed for the export of all PPE, regardless of grade:

• Business Licence

• Product Test Report (issued by ICAS, CNAS, CMA or SGS)

• Product Quality Certification + Seal

• Product and packaging photographs

• Declaration on the export of non-medical supplies.

In addition to all the documentation needed for non-medical PPE, you will also need the following for medical PPE:

• Enterprise Production Licence

• Medical Device Registration Certificate

• Medical Device Product Registration on National Medical Products Administration website

• Declaration on the export of medical supplies

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