Counter Terrorism Security Advisors Office advice for going forward

The UK threat level from International Terrorism has been raised to CRITICAL. This means an attack is imminent. The current UK threat level from Northern Ireland Related Terrorism remains at SUBSTANTIAL.

Advice to Business

NaCTSO have provided detailed protective security advice for businesses, communities and the public, this is available from the NaCTSO website. The advice relates to:

  • Introduction to counter terrorism (A 20 minute self-delivery presentation containing three core counter terrorism messages for self-delivery. The content relates to hostile reconnaissance, suspicious behaviour and weapons and firearms attack)
  • Search planning
  • Evacuation, invacuation and lockdown
  • Preparedness, first aid kits and crisis incident kits
  • CCTV
  • Security culture
  • Reporting suspicious transaction – precursor chemicals. Relating to suspicious transactions or attempted transactions, or discover a theft or disappearance that cannot easily be explained. Advising the public should report to  Chemical.Reporting@Met.Police.UK or ANTI-Terrorist Hotline.

Download: Critical security advice for business


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