Workplace Testing Extension

As announced by the PM on Monday, the offer of free test kits for workplaces where staff can’t work from home is being extended until the end of June. All businesses with more than 50 employees are able to apply for the test kits – the registration page is available here.

All businesses interested in offering workplace testing will need to register before 31 March. This is particularly important to note for businesses such as non-essential retail and hospitality that are currently closed but which can reopen in steps 2 or 3.

It is now easier for employers of all sizes to benefit from joining the Kickstart Scheme – the limit which previously required employers to create a minimum of 30 vacancies in order to apply directly has now been removed.

Employers who want support to get involved with the scheme can continue to partner with one of our many Gateway organisations such as a Local Authority or Chamber of Commerce.

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