Tell us what you look for from would-be workers

A survey has been launched to ask businesses what skills they consider essential for future employees.

Concerns have been raised to the Government concerning the levels of literacy and numeracy in the workplace.

As a result, The Education and Training Foundation has been tasked to reform Functional Skills qualifications in Maths and English, to ensure these are better recognised and valued by employers.

They have commissioned Pye Tait Consulting, in partnership with the Learning and Work Institute, to begin a national consultation ending in July.

This will lead to a report with recommendations, as well as a revised set of standards to underpin Functional Skills in Maths and English.

The first step is for individual employers to complete an online survey, allowing organisers to discover what Maths and English skills are deemed as essential in the workplace.

That survey can be found at with further information available via

The next phase of the consultation opens from late May, about which more details will be provided in due course.

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