NWLCC Coronavirus Toolkit

The North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce (NWLCC) has produced a toolkit to help businesses prepare in the event of a potential Corona Virus pandemic.

Explaining why the Chamber has taken such steps, Babs Murphy, chief executive of the NWLCC said: “If there were to be a major outbreak here, businesses will need to act quickly.

“We are aware that some businesses are reporting that the outbreak in China is beginning to have an impact with some factories in China on extended shut down. We anticipate that some shipments of goods maybe interrupted and exporters may find that demand from Chinese consumers weakens.

“Our advice to businesses is strikingly similar to the advice we issued last year for coping with a potential no-deal Brexit.

“Do a risk assessment, look at your supply chain, identify vulnerabilities if supplies are interrupted and make contingency plans.

“Businesses also need to consider cash flow if there’s a risk that their business model will be disrupted.

“The disruption however will be much more severe if there is a major outbreak in the UK, which is why businesses might be advised to assess the risks and start making plans now”.

The toolkit can be accessed here.

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