First Chamber-Supported Kickstart Employee Starts New Role at Intalinks

The first person to begin employment via the Chamber administered Kickstart Scheme’s has taken up employment this week. Keighlie joins Intalinks, a social media marketing agency, thanks to the government’s Kickstart scheme.

Supported with application services, training, and advice from the NWL Chamber of Commerce, a Gateway for Kickstart placements, Keighlie has been one of the newest candidates to be offered a 6 month paid-placement at the agency in Blackpool.

Her previous self employment in hairdressing meant that the latest COVID-19 restrictions across England had made her unable to work and having to claim Universal Credit.

Thanks to the Kickstart scheme, Tom Hilton at Intalinks was able to offer Keighlie a 25 hour contract for 6 months, supported by the Chamber and funded by the DWP.

Keighlie, 19, is a motivated and driven individual who is now on her way to a  promising career!

The Chamber sends its good wishes to Keighlie, and the team at Intalinks, as the very first person to start her role through the Chamber-supported Kickstart scheme locally.  

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