BCC and members attend Chancellor’s roundtable

This week, Chancellor Philip Hammond hosted a private roundtable with BCC President Francis Martin, Acting Director General Adam Marshall, and business from across the Chamber Network, representing all nations and regions of the UK.

Following the historic vote to leave the European Union, the BCC and member businesses from across the country updated the Chancellor on current business sentiment, and what should be at the forefront of the government’s upcoming negotiations with the European Union.

The BCC also pressed the case for the Autumn Statement to support business growth during a time of transition, and discuss the real world conditions that businesses are currently facing.

Adam Marshall, BCC Acting Director General, said: “We are delighted that the Chancellor hosted this roundtable, to hear from dynamic businesses from all across the UK.

“While the UK is likely to avoid a recession, businesses are still digesting the result of the EU referendum and the challenges and opportunities it brings. It is crucial that the government focuses on actions that support business investment and confidence.

“Decisions on business-boosting infrastructure projects, revisions to our outdated business rates system, and a pledge not to introduce input taxes and other costs on business should be at the forefront of the Chancellor’s mind – and delivered in his Autumn Statement.”

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