Carbon footprint assessment survey

Can you help with this survey for a masters dissertation by a student at Chamber members Lancaster University?

The UK’s 2050 net carbon zero goal is becoming increasingly important for all businesses, including SMEs. Carbon footprint tools are a useful resource used to assess a company’s carbon footprint to indicate how they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

This research project will involve finding the optimal traits a universal carbon footprint tool should contain which provides an accurate carbon footprint analysis. Part of this research involves a survey to determine the experience of SMEs in using carbon footprint tools.

These results will be used to assess the differences between currently available carbon footprint tools and determine which tool is the best one to use. The findings from this research will aid SMEs across the UK in choosing the carbon footprint tool that will effectively identify the sources of their greenhouse gas emissions that can be reduced.

Please fill in the survey if you have had previous experience using a carbon footprint tool:


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