Chamber Utilities is offered in partnership with Inspired Energy plc, the UK’s leading independent energy consultancy.

Our mission is to optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities by our clients. This means working with our clients to solve utility cost, consumption, carbon and compliance problems, any or all of which can impact upon the profitability of businesses if not managed correctly.

We work with corporate consumers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors to create and deliver long-term cost and efficiency savings.

Inspired Energy’s  market presence extends to:

550+ employees, with offices in Manchester and headquartered in Lancashire;
Over 2,800 clients across our corporate divisions;
Over 30 billion kWh of energy managed annually;
Over £2.5bn worth of annual energy cost.

Regardless of how much energy you use, our team of experts can provide you with the correct solution. We will relieve you of the burden of managing the many utility cost pressures currently confronting businesses. This means you can focus on running your organisation as profitably and effectively as possible.



For businesses consuming less than 500,000 kWh of electricity or gas annually, our partners have a dedicated SME team who are on hand to assist you in finding new electricity and gas supply contracts on the best available rates and terms.

The team will assign you your own Account Manager who will speak to you over the phone to collect the necessary information (usually only a copy of your recent bill and a Letter of Authority). Once received, they will approach the whole energy market and negotiate new energy deals on your behalf.


For businesses consuming over 500,000 kWh of electricity or gas annually, our partners, Inspired Energy plc, will work with you to understand your utility cost challenges and deliver customised solutions to meet the needs of your business.

There are four key areas to your business where they can add value. These are as follows:

  1. Buy it well

Analysing energy prices is a complex and daily task. Inspired Energy plc solves that complexity for members by providing access to subject matter expertise that you don’t have in-house. The team creates and delivers bespoke procurement strategies that suit your budgetary needs.

Once you have a contract, invoicing and forecasting processes are complicated.

Inspired Energy plc simplifies that complexity by making sure you are being charged the correct amount for the energy you use. They apply this expertise to integrate into your accounting processes so that your finance teams can comply with their accounting obligations.

  1. Use it better

Once you have your contracting and supplier management under control, you need to understand how you use energy better. Inspired Energy plc can help you to optimise your consumption patterns to avoid costs and monetise opportunities.

Collecting, analysing and visualising utilities data is a time consuming and specialist job. Inspired Energy plc helps members deliver performance improvements across their estates by presenting data in meaningful and relevant ways to target and reduce wastage. They perform a role as your outsourced energy management team by acting on any analysis to implement energy cost saving measures.

  1. Make your own

To futureproof against rising energy costs and create new revenue streams or achieve sustainability goals, members can invest in self-generation or renewable schemes.

Once you have optimised your energy cost situation, you can look to structurally improve the baseline of your operations through calculated capital investment and savings-based programs. Inspired Energy plc supports you in making that investment decision and verifying the subsequent return on investment.

  1. Do it right

Inspired Energy plc helps members to manage interactions with suppliers so that you do not have to commit resources to it. Revenue recovery audits identify structural overcharging by suppliers and they make sure members receive what refunds are due.

The energy legislative landscape is varied and complex. Inspired Energy plc makes sure members are appraised of existing and future energy laws and regulations and helps them comply with their statutory duties. The team helps members obtain any cost relief by applying for environmental management schemes and achieves best practice through energy management accreditations and standards.

To redeem your free, no-obligation assessment call the membership team or email and quote “LancsChamber”.


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Through Chamber Utilities, all Chamber members are entitled to a free, no-obligation energy assessment. This service can be used to find a better rate for your business’ utilities, or it can simply confirm that you’re already on the best rate for your business.

Chamber Utilities can identify over charges and help you to control your energy usage. They’ll even introduce you to a dedicated account manager to support you through the assessment process – reviewing your utility usage has never been more convenient.

To redeem your free, no-obligation assessment call the membership team or email and quote “LancsChamber”.

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