The correct paperwork is vital for ensuring your goods arrive on time to your overseas destination. North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce provides a comprehensive export and import Documentation Certification Service. Our international trade team has a wealth of experience in assisting businesses with their documentation requirements. We offer a full range of documents that will enable your business to export and import goods from around the world.

Our team of documentation experts can guide you through the application process to ensure that the necessary export or import certificates are completed correctly.

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We can issue the following export and import documents:


An EC Certificate of Origin is required in some countries in order to provide evidence of the origin of the goods being exported. This is a declaration that the goods you are exporting are sourced, produced, manufactured or processed in a specific country. The EC Certificate of Origin may be used by the importing country to define duty rates and to ensure that goods comply with importing country regulations.


If you are exporting goods to the  Arab League States, you may be asked to provide an Arab-British Certificate of Origin. Like the EC Certificate of Origin, the Arab-British Certificate of Origin is a customs clearance document that is required to evidence the origin of the goods being exported. These documents are certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. However, we can facilitate the application process with the Arab-British Chamber on your behalf.


If you require your document to be legalised by a foreign embassy, consulate or the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, we can handle the entire process for you, saving your business time and money.

EUR1 Movement Certificates

An EUR1 Movement Certificate is used to support claims for preferential rates of duty in the country of importation. To qualify the goods must originate in the UK or the EU and be supported by a correctly completed and endorsed EUR1. Please note, the preference system only applies to countries where preferential trade agreements exist with the EU.

ATR Movement Certificates

An ATR Movement Certificate entitles goods that are in free circulation (i.e. duty paid) within the EU to receive preferential import duty treatment when shipped to Turkey. This applies to all eligible goods, except agricultural goods, minerals and steel, which require an EUR1 Movement Certificate.


An International Import Certificate (IIC) is required for imports of ‘controlled’ goods.

It is an undertaking by the importer to import goods into the United Kingdom without diversion or trans-shipment elsewhere, and not to re-export the goods without an export license.

What are controlled goods?

‘Controlled’ goods are goods which appear on a military list, administered by the suppliers’ national licensing authority, or on a ‘dual-use’ list. These lists are in place to act as a strategic mechanism to keep sensitive technologies in the right hands and avoid the possibility of diversion to WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) programmes such as chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Controlled goods are listed in The “Export of Goods (Control)” guide. 

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