Sales Skills Level 2: Selling To Personalities

October 18, 2017 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Not everyone buys according to the same criteria. Rather, studies have shown that we all tend to buy according to that which appeals to our personality type. This Sales Training course will give you insight into how to maximise your sales and connection through a greater understanding of the common personality traits of potential clients. Identify your potential buyer’s personality and gain a greater chance of reaching them by customising your presentation accordingly.

Is your potential client a “power” buyer or an “affiliate” buyer? Learn to quickly identify and adapt your presentation accordingly! Delegates attending this workshop will enjoy an interactive session packed with information on how to increase sales opportunities.

This Half-Day Course will provide delegates an opportunity to learn about

  • Identifying personality types – opening, building rapport and closing a sale
  • How to recognise a sales opportunity prior to a meeting/call/email
  • Useful tips and sales strategies that compliment personality traits
  • Cross selling products and services with ease
  • Handling objection with communication styles that mirror your customers personality

­­­­­­­This full-day course will benefit business owners, sales managers, account managers, recruitment consultants, business developers, and sales advisors. ­­­­­­­

Does the course location/time/date not work for your organisation? We’re flexible, we can bring the training to your facility through in-house or bespoke training. Contact us to arrange for a location, date, or time that is most convenient to you!

Training location

Chamber Training Centre - Blackpool Fylde Coast
Chamber Training Centre, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Price :
Members: £79; Affiliate: £99; Non-Members: £109
Contact :
Chamber Training Team Email:; Or by telephone 01253 347063

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