Developing Assertiveness Skills

October 18, 2018 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Developing Assertiveness Skills is a highly interactive and engaging half day workshop, designed to help attendees explore and understand issues around assertiveness. Delegates will work through real situations faced at work.

  • How can you develop confidence to speak with clients face to face?
  • How can you apply assertiveness to foster healthier work relationships?
  • How can you confidently receive compliments or criticism positively
  • What is the proper way to express your needs, feelings or views in the workplace?
  • How can you have more influence?
  • What are healthy boundaries and when is it OK to say no?

Learn to act assertively by acting with empathy towards others and with fairness. This behaviour will be based on self-assurance gained through this course.

On completing the workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Understand useful principles, such as the assertiveness balance, what drives dominant people, insecurities of bullies, transactional analysis and many more
  • Understand that to perform to their full potential their needs must be met
  • Recognise that there are choices as to how to react in different situations. If you change the way you react, then others will react differently towards you
  • Anticipate other people’s behaviours and prepare their responses
  • Develop the confidence to achieve win-win situations
  • Devise a personal plan of action
  • Identify what support they need to put their plan into action

This course is essential for anyone who wishes to understand and develop assertiveness skills in developing productive professional and personal relationships.

About The Trainer:

Does the location/date/time of this course not work for your organisation? We’re flexible, contact us about bringing the training to your facility through in-house or bespoke courses at a date and time that is most convenient to you!

Training location

Chamber Training Centre - Blackpool Fylde Coast
Chamber Training Centre, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Price :
Members: £69; Affiliate: £89; Non-Members: £99
Contact :
Chamber Training Team 01253 3347063or Email:

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